Gallery of Modern Art

The construction style, classical Art Nouveau of the late XIX - early XX century, was chosen not accidentally. It was Art Nouveau that absorbed all the artistic styles existed before, and it was the first style that brought art to facades of buildings, to the street.

The painting gallery building is decorated with reliefs containing sacramental words: “Nature, Harmony and Creativity” and “Love”, the same one that moves “the Sun and the Stars” in Dante. The main tower of the gallery is crowned with a sculpture of a guardian angel who is carefully surveying the whole park. It is viewed from everywhere attracting people’s attention and turning the Stariy Park into a cultural center of the resort village.

The huge windows on the main front of the building create ideal lighting for painting. Chamber spaces of premises allow a visitor to sit comfortably in a chair and remain practically alone with any canvas of the painters.

“You have to treat works of art as if they are the highest people – to wait respectfully while they talk to you”. This phrase of Schopenhauer carved on the front of the building and on the floor of the painting gallery, must be necessarily read before you enter inside.