Gothic fountain

The fountain takes an honorable place in front of the entrance to the Stariy Park, always attracting the attention of all those who have found themselves nearby.

Indeed, there is something to see and think about.

For those who like the external effects, there are nice looking water jets beating from the mouths of gargoyles and falling into the bowl with clear blue water and a silhouette of the structure looking fragile due to elongated lines and delicate structures. For those who try to see things deeper, the philosophical concept of a Gothic fountain will be interesting. Based on the ideas of the Europeans of the Middle Ages, the fountain symbolized the Source of life. Water personifies a life in itself.

The sculptural group presented here has a special meaning. Presented images of St. Paul, St. George, St. Peter and Mephistopheles bear a synthesis and allegory of the internal contradiction that exists in each of us. Sculptural images are indicated by the corresponding epithets: Abasing, Defeating, Keeping and Omnipresent.