The main epochs of the world culture and aesthetics were embodied here, on the area more than a hectare.
daily from 9-00 till 22-00
daily from 9 till 18
Entrance fee:
Adult: 600 rub.
Children (6 - 13 years): 300 rub.
Children under 6 years are admitted to the park
free of charge

Additional fee:

House of the Caucasus:
Adult: 50 rub.
Children (6 - 13 years): 30 rub.
House of Arts:
Adult: 200 rub.
Children (6 - 13 years): 100 rub.
Museum of Mineralogy and Paleontology:
Adult: 50 rub.
Children (6 - 13 years): 30 rub.
Wedding ceremonies:
On Fridays and Saturdays – 300 rub. per person
Alcoholic drinks and buffets are strictly prohibited! Musical and theatrical accompanying is to be agreed with the Park administration.
Thematic excursions are free of charge for everyone who is interested.
Disabled persons groups I – II - 300 rub.
Disabled children are admitted free of charge.
Veterans of the Great Patriotic War (except for persons equated to them) are admitted free of charge

To get these privileges a person is asked to present the original document confirming the right for privileges.

Prices for season tickets to the Stariy Park:

  • 3 visits - 2,150 rubles, validity period - 1 month from the date of the first visit;
  • 5 visits - 3,400 rubles, validity period - 3 months from the date of the first visit;
  • 10 visits - 5,950 rubles, validity period - 6 months from the date of the first visit.

A season ticket holder can take advantage of additional features:

  • - free admission to the Museum "House of the Caucasus";
  • - 10% discount in the salon-shop and in the buffet of the Stariy Park Theater.

Note! A season ticket is an individual personalized ticket to the Stariy Park, and only its owner can use it to enter the territory of the cultural center.

+7 (918) 99-555-18
The Stariy Park Theater ticket office:
+7 (964) 899-03-09
Accounting department:
+7 (929) 85-25-010
Architectural studio:
+7 (918) 455-43-29
Marketing department:
+7 (918) 327-97-69
The Stariy Park Theater ticket office:

place place 55, Chernomorskaya st., Kabardinka vil., Gelendzhik,

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