Ah,Astakhova in the Theater of the Stariy Park

Ah,Astakhova in the Theater of the Stariy Park

On April 10, the poetess Irina Astakhova will present the poetic one-man show "Without make-up" at the Stariy Park Theater.

Ah,Astakhova — is one of the most widely read contemporary Russian authors, an innovator in poetry, winner of several prestigious awards.

The poetic solo performance “Without Makeup” is a frank conversation about love, loneliness, intimacy and self-acceptance.

The performance proposes going beyond the usual format of presenting poems “man and microphone”. The viewer will really find himself inside the text, sence, essence of Astakhova's lyrics.

During the performance, spectators will hear the poems from the collection "Without Makeup" published in 2019, as well as compositions of different years, which have long been loved by the public.