The Stariy Park Theatre Birthday

The Stariy Park Theatre Birthday

The Stariy Park Theatre is two years old! And we arrange a great holiday to celebrate this holiday with you, or friends! You’ll be totally immersed into the world of great dramatic art.

The program includes:

  • Performances for adults and for children.
  • Music concerts from jazz to organ music.
  • Acting masterclasses from Stanislav Salnikov, an honored artist of Russia.
  • Meeting with favourite dramatic characters: Pierrot, Harlequin, Buratino.
  • Interactive stage photo zones – scenes from the greatest works of Shakespeare: “Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliette”, :Othello”.
  • Opportunity to see the part of theatrical process usually hidden from the spectators — rehearsals, scenery construction, etc..
  • Festive fireworks and of course surprises from the Stariy Park Theatre.
  • And the cultural center “The Stariy Park” For details please call: 8-964-899-03-09.

Please be reminded that the Year of the Theatre is still going on in our country! So we invite you again to share this wonderful feast of life with us!

Waiting for you on the 26 th of August!