1. Walk around the new territory of the cultural center;enjoy new art objects and plants. Openedquite recentlyin the Stariy Park, ZmeyGorynych Square will acquaint you with the novelties of the cultural center - Art Nouveau buildings, sculptures of the fabulous three-headed snake and the hero DobrynyaNikitich, as well as plants that were added to the botanical collection of the Stariy Park.
  2. Take beautiful photos in unique Easter photo zones. At the beginning of May, in Stariy Park you will find spring compositions filled with the joyful atmosphere of a bright Christian holiday: huge Easter eggs and nests, decorative rabbits, hens and roosters, as well as delicate flower photo zones.
  3. Watch the comedies based on plays by Averchenko and Chekhov at the Stariy Park Theater. The team of the Black Theater Dream (Krasnodar) will show their sparkling comedies:
    May 1 - the play "We haven't rested like this for a hundred years" based on the stories of ArkadyAverchenko.
    May 2 - the play "Jubilee and Other Incidents" based on the work of the incomparable Anton Pavlovich.
  4. Listen to the jazz lounge and open-air spring songs.
    May 3 - vocalist Marina Stashkevich, guitarist Gennady Karapetyan and pianist Alexander Pigarev will present the guests of the Stariy Park with a jazz lounge music concert.
    May 8 - theater and film actor,composer,performer of folk and original songsMaxim Pavlov will perform on the summer stage of the cultural center with the program "Songs of Spring".
  5. Visit the exhibition “Recreation in the USSR. Greetings from Gelendzhik."
The exposition of the GelendzhikLocalHistory Museum, temporarily presented in the "Stariy Park", will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation at the Soviet resort of the 1960s-1980s. At that time Gelendzhikwas a resort of All-Union significance (1970), where more than a million tourists from all over the country spent their vacations.

Working hours of the "Stariy Park" from 1 to 10 May: 9:00 — 20:00.

The entrance fee to cultural center: adults - 600 rubles., children from 6 to 13 years old - 300 rubles., kids up to 6 years old have free entrance.