Opening of new exhibitions in the Gallery of the «Old Park»

Opening of new exhibitions in the Gallery of the «Old Park»

On the second floor we will represent the largest collection of works by amazing Russian artist Vadim Belousov. In his works he combines the best achievements of the Russian avant-garde, post-war non-conformism and ancient Russian Eastern Christian tradition. The works of this master are presented in many countries of the world, in the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. Now the author will continue his intimate conversation with viewers in our Gallery of Modern Art, which also celebrates the anniversary.

On the eve of the upcoming New Year, a seasonal thematic exhibition dedicated to the winter works of artists Oleg Rozhkov and Andrey Averyanov will be presented to your attention on the ground floor of our art space. This will be a bright accent of the festive decoration, which will give you a mood and give you a whole range of emotions.

The exhibition is to be opened on Saturday, at 14.00. Everyone is welcome!

The exhibition of Vadim Belousov's works will last until the opening of the new Gallery building, and seasonal exhibitions will be chanched depending on the season.

We are waiting for you in the Stariy Park!