About the Author

Aleksandr Alekseyev, a founder of the Stariy Park, graduated from Rostov University in 1983. Being a journalist and a writer, he devoted many years to the study of history, culture, philosophy and art. He wrote books about turning points of the personality and society distinguished by comprehensive psychologism and fluent language.

The writer has found his own piece of marble very soon. And he carved the bust of Voltaire out of it with the simplest tools. It was followed by busts of Dante, Homer, Shakespeare and other historical personalities. And then he came up with an idea to create a gallery of historical sculptural portraits. However, the sculpture, apparently, didn’t comprise the scale of the Master’s personality, and this resulted in a more grandiose idea - to build a gallery of civilizations. The concept was to place everything that has always contradicted and opposed each other in the historical context, in a single relatively small space. The Ancient Egypt and classical antiquity, the East and the West.

The talent of Aleksandr Alekseyev is multifaceted. He doesn’t have classical architectural education, but has a rare ability to take a tool and “cut off all unnecessary” without making sketches and copies usually created from clay or plasticine, and then replicated in stone. And the image embodied in stone begins to live its own life.

Автор Старого Парка
Автор Старого Парка
Автор Старого Парка

The architectural park created by the Master amazes with its versatility and philosophical mood.

You will find architectural copies made according to the canons of their time, and moreover, each structure here carries the author’s thought, a serious rethinking of the epoch it embodies.

Any park visitor involuntarily poses underlying questions of love and death, war and peace, sinfulness and virtue. Of course, everyone finds the answers himself. But leaving the Stariy Park, you will surely carry the thought of the Master calling for love, peace and creation, in your heart.